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Course curriculum

    1. Scribble SPOT: SPOT Intro, Coloring & Melted Crayon Activity

    2. Feeling Detective: SPOT Intro

    3. Peaceful and Calm SPOT: SPOT Intros, Sensory Bottle & Peaceful Space

    4. Angry SPOT: SPOT Intro, Push Button & Balloon Activity

    5. Sadness SPOT: SPOT Intro & Heavy Heart Activity

    6. Anxiety & Worry SPOT: SPOT Intro & Backpack Activity

    7. Confidence SPOT: SPOT Intro & Confidence Bracelets

    8. Happiness SPOT: SPOT Intro & Hand Spot Stickers Activity

    9. Love SPOT: SPOT Intro & Love Snippets Activity

    1. Kindness SPOT: SPOT Intro & Kind Apple Activity

    2. Teamwork SPOT: Spot Intro, We Support Each Other & Team Butter Activity

    3. Flexible Thinking SPOT: SPOT Intro and Paper vs Popsicle Stick Activity

    4. Safety SPOT: Safety Introduction & Safety Signs

    5. Respectful SPOT

    6. Patience SPOT Intro and Celery Activity

    1. Celebration SPOT Intro


About this course

  • $99.00
  • 23 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • PDF of each lesson and classroom printables included
  • Videos of in classroom teaching
  • Certificate of completion

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